How to GET UNREAL even in slow internet speed?

Hey Everyone. Actually, I have been looking for a really good gaming engine, and I think I have found it. So, I have decided to GET UNREAL.:smiley: But my problem is, my slow internet connection.

To be honest, I don’t know whether it’s slow or not. 'coz I don’t encounter with any problem while surfing, and using youtube. But when it comes to downloading, it never crosses 80Kb/s.

So, can anybody help me, by telling me any possible way by which I can use this engine even with this scenario?

Please, Please, Please, any help!!!:frowning:

In that case there is no perfect way, but you can either download it over the launcher (easier for beginners) or use the git version ( :slight_smile:

You should do a speed test at , it is possible that your ISP is capping your download speed from the launcher seeing as you have no problems while using YouTube.

Mine is capped at 40kbs man! You are lucky!!!
All I can say is this. Download during the night. Start at like 6:00 pm. And wait…
It is worth it though! There is also the option of downloading the source and building it… It’s only 4gb that way!

When I launch the software, the connection to the internet becomes very very slow-as if most of the network resources are going to use the software.
In addition, i get flickering screen in the software window.
Please help.
Thank you. Roy