How to get UE4 to ignore a infinite loop?

I have the following blueprint

The goal of this blueprint is to damage the player when they enter the collision box, and to keep damaging them until they leave. However, this causes the game to crash because UE4 incorrectly detects that this is a infinite loop (if you leave the box the loop will stop).

Is there a way to have UE4 ignore this supposed error, or is there a better alternative for implementing a system like this?

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Don’t use While - that’s not the intended use. Try it like this:

It’s almost identical to this behaviour:

ignore a infinite loop

The whole point of the Infinite Loop is to catch it / handle it, not ignore. If you ignore it, the game will crash.

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Well it does not crash anymore, but I had to set my timers initial start delay to be negative which is odd from a implementation standpoint. I appreciate your help.