How to get UDK Licence for release a Free PS Vita Game?

Hello folks,

I am in the process of being an authorized Playstation Developer (i met all their requirements, already filled up the application form, just waiting their response). I have been working on a game for 2 years using UDK, and as this will be my first released game, I want to release this for free. The game is almost finished (an action espionage game inspired by Goldeneye 007), so I don`t want to port it to UE4.

Sony allows you to release a free game, so I just want to know how can I get access to UDK Source Code for PS Vita, so I can compile it and make my game run on PS VITA?

I have plenty of experience on Vita dev, because i created some homebrew games and apps using the open source VIta SDK.


You’ll need to contact Epic about licensing UE3 because UDK doesn’t come with source code. If you want free source code access use UE4.

Thanks for the repply bro. But will EPIC license UE3 in the same terms of UDK? Because I won`t have the money to license UE3 like those Big Studios. I want to release a free game on PS Vita using Unreal Engine 3.

By the way, your game Lemons Must Die looks awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

Thanks. Epic always has kept licensing costs confidential for UE3, but I believe that for source access you would need to pay. Also, porting a game from UDK into UE3 is quite a bit of work. I’ve done it before and it’s not trivial. It may be less work for you to just port it into UE4.

Thanks bro, I may consider so porting to UE4. I know that a studio called Armature Game Studios (it is formed by some guys who worked on Metroid Prime Series) is porting Unreal Engine 4 to PS Vita and Wii U, because they are going to make the Wii U and Vita Versions of the Game Bloodstained (the new castlevania), and already told officially that they are going to give the PS Vita and Wii U Source Code for UE4 to registered developers for free.

So it may be a good idea.


I’d be interrested in learning more about your game.
I’m involved in the development of Goldeneye Source for allmost a decade now and know the original as well as Perfect Dark and the Timesplitters Series inside out.