How to get the vault contents to your offline folder?

As we know, assets and content from the marketplace can be quite large in size. When we acquire something and it is in our vault, how can this be downloaded to a folder in a another partition for example? I ask because if the UE partition got corrupted, I would not want to have to go and re-download all my content which I purchased.

Can someone give a step by step guide on how to do this please?

I’m assuming you’re using Windows.

First, “add to project” for the content at least once. This will download the purchase. You can add it to a dummy project, and then delete the project, if you want to save disk space.

Then, go look in the path: “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Launcher\VaultCache”

You can copy each directory from that directory to wherever you want to keep it archived.
Note that, to write the data back, you may need to gain Administrator privileges, as Program Files is generally write-protected.
(I’m not thrilled about the Launcher putting data inside Program Files – the shared users folder would have been a better place IMO)

You are awesome; thanks for your help!

You are awesome; thanks for your help!

I dont understand please explain again :confused: