How to get the Steam ID or connect to a steam server?

How to get the Steam ID or connect to a steam server?
what is the proper way to connect to a server?

im using sucessfully createSession and i can join with joinsession but whats then?

how to get the player on the map?

Please help me dear epic and dont keep unanswered.

You would help me to get my game released in time.

Hello ,

Here is a great Wiki written by a community member on how to set up Steam for your projects.

Steam Integration for Project/Game Development

Unreal Documentation

I hope this helps clarify your issue, but if you are still having trouble let me know and we can further troublshoot.


Hi Thanks for your Response!
I read those docs carefully and steam works.

My question is: how to get the steamid to connect to a server by using open steam.STEAMID:7777

I need to travel my player controller after session has been joined!

I know there are many many people who need to know this single answer :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

If you have access to the ue4-source take a look at the path Engine → Source → Runtime → Online → OnlineSubsystemSteam → Private.
The Sourcecode is easy to understand and after understand whats going on , you can easy call a server and connect to it.
I hope it helps