How to get the state the object is in. "Can Toggle Activation", to the script graph ??


Im trying to get the Active state of a object.

Many objects such as the standing torch and ++ have this option in their blueprints called. “Can Toggle Activation”
This is ofcource when you approche the object you get the (E) use stuff on the object.

how would i go about getting the state of the object in the script graph?
I found a function called “Set Container Active” but i dont want to set it. i want to get its state.

Any ideas. Thanks.

Do you have context sensitive checked? If so, uncheck that and re-search for Activation, and you should be able to find it

heh. ofc… how did i miss that one. thanks. :slight_smile:

No problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Always check that bad boy first when working with blueprints, it tends to usually be the culprit in these sorts of instances

Closing thread since problem is resolved