How to get the reference to the main object of a Item (WeaponStonePick)?

Hi guys/girls, I just recently started with Ark Dev Kit, and made a good progress with my Progressive Weapons and Tools Mod (STILL IN WORK).

I’m now stuck with being unable to do the following (EXAMPLE Custom Stone Pick):

  • I have made new TOOLS, WEAPONS, ARMOR and would like to store a single variable (string/float) on this items (Progress for the CUstom Stone Pick)
  • Graph logic and the custom variable are on the WeapCustomStonePick Blueprint where I use Event Begin Play and Event End Play to execute my logic
  • ISSUE is that this object gets destroyed and instantiated by unequipped/equipped (like pressing the shortcut number to equip the pick and pressing again to unequipped) and my variable gets reset to default (0)


  • Do I put the GRAPH LOGIC on a different item like the PrimalItem_WeaponCustomStonePick (I tried but never managed to catch any events from it so I don’t know how to execute the logic)
  • Can i get the reference to the main object of the Custom Stone Pick from my inventory (which has the data on it , like current durability, quality,name, paint…) in the WeapCustomStonePick graph (Get Owner returns me a reference to the Player itself).
  • Did anyone played with something similar like firing event on weapons(tools) when they hit someone, or when the durability changes, if so, any advice is relay welcome.

Thanks Dev Survivals :wink: