How to get the Project Version for use in blueprints?

is there any way to get the project version placed in the “Project Settings” and use it in BP?

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I would like to know this too. It’s a shame this question has been ignored for such a long time.

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Working on a tutorial, I’ll post this ASAP

I’ve created a tutorial to return your project version with a blueprint node, you can find it right here:


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Too long didn’t watch?:

FString ProjectVersion;
return ProjectVersion;
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You don’t have to bump the question, the question is answered. You can take a look at the Youtube video.

I think he means that Epic has ignored adding this feature for a long time. There is an Engine Version node already built in, but no project version node built in. While your video is good what you doing is known as a “hack”. The fault lies with Epic with this one.

Not worked on 4.16.

Follow the instructions in the video and you will get it to work.

This is not working in 4.18
It works inside the editor if you test it, even in standalone, but if you package it and start the game, this does not work.
It’s a shame that this standard functionality is not implemented inside the engine.

I had some compile errors when trying to build this code. Needed to change FriendlyName to DisplayName

not working in 4.20.3 also link text

It works just fine in 4.20.3 it must be your code.

This code only works in the editor but not in packed solutions

As mentioned before, your solution only works inside the editor and not in a packed solution.
Package it and test if it is working, you will see it wont work. So no, the question is not answered, and your solution is completely wrong.

Works fine for me as I’ve been using it in my packages game.

Works perfect on packaged also, tested packaged win64, packaged Android_Multi;
It’s not a “hack”, it’s essentially GET SETTINGS VALUE, and the engine holds a full set of setting read/write functions and classes