How to get the Open Level options string in multiplayer client?

hi, is there any way to get options string in the client. Right now you can only access it using game mode. but in a multiplayer game you can’t get game mode directly. So how can you get the options string?


Looking for an answer for this

Can you work backwards and make the gamemode bp target new players on postLogin, then set a variable on the player?

So yah… …3 years later; however, new to multiplayer and I am having the same issue.

A google search lead me here…

I am traversing maps in the following way…

  • Intro lmap
  • MainMenu map
  • Lobby map (collect players)
  • CutScene map
  • Level1 map

Now… …if the player dies they go the “Purgatory” map and after they solve a simple riddle, they can return to the “Level1” map; however, at a death respawn point.

In single player mode I was looking at the options string to know where the player was coming from. Migrating to multiplayer it seems that GetGameMode returns “null” from the clients.

Since a client player could die and go to purgatory, I need to know; somehow, when that player returns to the main game map.

Can I do what I want to do???

Can I have a multiplayer game where the host and client are on different maps, or levels?

I also have the same issue from the CutScene map to the Level1 game map in that the players could “Skip” the cutscene at different times causing some players to remain on the cutscene map and other in the game map.


I would recommend to Set something like an MapID (integer). This way you can store and share information about the map.