How to get the number dinos a tribe currently have?

Hello guys!

I would like to know how much dinos a tribe currently have.
How could I do it without looping on ALL the dinos in the game?

Found a function “GetAllNPCsOfTeam”, based on the TargetingTeam, with a “GetGameState->Cast to ShooterGameState”… but doesnt seems to work in the devkit test-environnement.
Will take a try on my server tomorrow.

I dont understand why “GetAllNPCsOfTeam->Length” returns 0… Any idea? Like if people didnt had any dino in their tribe… :s

Did someone already tried this function?

Print out targeting team as well, make sure that isn’t coming out as a 0.

No problem with the Targeting team, it works perfectly, like the other function getting all the players from the targeting tribe (not on the screen).

I did the stuff by looping on all the DinoCharacter. Thought it would do some lag but it doesnt.
Some arrays and counters did the job.

Wait until you have a server with 3,000 tames :stuck_out_tongue: I had to create a GetAllLinkedStructure loop due to me not being able to find a native function for this. Now that caused some lag on the larger bases, noticeable stalls every time I looped. Fun times.

I loop only on demand.

And that’s to avoid tribes have too much dinos that I put a “limit by player” and a “limit by tribe”. I’m on a PvE with rules server.
This tool was to check if there is no cheaters about the dino limit :wink:

Do you plan on adding anything to deal with tribes that have quit? I have auto decay on my server, but not claimable dinos. The dinos of players who quit just sit there for months if nobody kills them. If I log in and delete them, I get blown up in chat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: