How to get the nDisplay rendered texture in another UE instance

I tried texture share function according to the following documents.

Question 1 :
For the next step, I want to share texture between UE instance1 1 and UE instance 2 launched in the same Windows machine.
Refer to the above documents, I placed the “BP_TextureShare_Postprocess” asset(Share name : vp_1, id : BackBuffer, texture : AICON_Red) in both UE1(to send the texture) and UE2 (to receive the texture) but I was not able to get the texture in UE2.
Is it possible to share texture directlly between UE1 and UE2 ?

Question2 :
Finally I want to display the texture rendered via nDisplay to the static mesh in UE instance 2.
But I’m new to nDisplay so I don’t know how to setup the nDisplay config to share texture.
Now I’m using “nDisplay_InCamVFX_Config” asset Prepared in the ICVFX template.
In nDisplay config asset, there is “Share viewport” settings but I don’t know how to setup the “Share name” and “id” settings.
Please tell me how to send the nDisplya rendered texture to UE2 instance ?