How to get the movement gizmo back?

Ok so i don’t know all the functions too this editor. I got a simple question how do i get the gizmo just to move blueprints i get this popup window instead of just the gizmo when i click on blueprints.

I just want the gizmo with the movement functions so i can move & place the bp like normal, how do i turn off this window & bring back the gizmo controls while i still have the bp highlighted.
This doesn’t seem to effect new version 5 projects just old 4.27 stuff thats been converted.

I think you have a follow cam on the van?

You can turn off the preview here

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Great thanks, yeah it’s just something i bought from marketplace i never set the project up so they may have set it to cam follow.

Thanks again i just needed to know where that options was, that worked, can only find it by typing that preview selected ca line in search.

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