How to get the gamemode of a given session?

I want to cast or get a variable that is located in the gamemode, and call it within a widget that gets all the session results. In my case I have the gamemode adding 1 and subtracting 1 to an int every time a player joins. I want to call this variable and update it in a widget that gets displayed on the Main Menu. Get Current Players does not work when I pull off of the BP_Session result, though Server name, Max Players, and Ping work. So I want to cast to the gamemode of a given session and pull back the number of current players to set in the widget on the Main Menu. How do I get the Gamemode of a given Session?

Okay, so it turns out that to fix GetCurrentPlayers function, you have to add the following config to the DefaultEngine.ini
[PacketHandlerComponents] +Components=OnlineSubsystemSteam.SteamAuthComponentModuleInterface
The issue is that people do not have the authority to access which players are in a session without this config, if you are using Steam.