How to get the creator of an actor?

I want to get the creator, a player or pawn, of a projectile, so there is no friendly fire. Is there a node to get the name/number of the creator?

Does anyone know how? I would really like it.

Add the players name(or which team) to the projectile when its being fired. Then you don’t need to get it on hitting something. So add a field to the projectile :slight_smile:

You mean a box collision component?

There is, get the projectile’s (or any actor’s) Instigator property, which is a Pawn.

You must make sure that the projectile’s instigator was set when it was spawned though. When spawning an actor with the SpawnActor node, you have the option to pass the instigator. So double check where you spawn your projectile and make sure you pass the Instigator when spawning a projectile.

Thank you!