How to get the acceleration of a vehicle

Hi everyone, I’m new with Unreal Engine, I hope this is the correct section.
I’ve implemented a car with the tutorial “Introduction to Vehicles” and it works fine.
Now, I have to implement an IMU sensor, so I need the current values of the vehicle accelerations. Is there a way to obtain these values (for both axes) directly from the car in Unreal?
I could calculate them from the pose, but I would prefer more accurate data.
Thanks all a lot

Something like this:

If that runs every frame it will store your velocity from that frame minus your velocity from the previous frame. It will also give you the direction, you can remove that absolute to get a world space result.

Thank you a lot. I have another question related to this. In this way I obtain the real values of the accelerations, and it’s ok, but instead how could I implement a function that emulates a real IMU sensor? Something that can emulate also the IMU error model (or at least an accelerometer).
Thank you very much for helping