How to get structures name?

Hi, every structure row has its name
is it possible to get it blueprint?

You could add a class variable to your structure and set it to the bp that you want.
Otherwise no, its not possible with your current setup.
(As far as i know)

Edit: Ok looks like i misunderstood you x.X

Is Get Data Table Row Names what you’re looking for?

With Get Data Table Row, I can get row by name.
I want to get name of the row.
I can duplicate first field in structure and csv to has it obviously but it’s a decision I do not like.

Just to be on the safe side:

Get Data Table Row gets you the row by name.
Get Data Table Row Names gets you the names of the rows.

These are two different nodes. If you knew that, please ignore this post. But please do explain exactly what you are after.


Given a structure, you cannot get it’s name in the Data Table. You can, however, loop through every row, and compare the struct to the row’s struct, and if they match, you know it’s name.

Sounds good. As I know it’s impossible. Do you mean compare all structs fields?
In sql every record has id, in excel every row has id, whay struct doesn’t know its name?
Looks like alien design.

Yes, compare each struct variable. Just the way Epic designed it I guess :confused:

It is not a struct that you are looking at. The struct defines what fields the data table has, the data table is the data. They do each have an ID to them which is the number on the left. The row name is there too, you put it as the first column in your excel spreadsheet without a title and it will appear there in the table, just not up there in the row view.