How to get static mesh from object/class


I want to make an actor with an editable variable via which I can choose an object class and then get a static mesh from it( to use it as the static mesh for my actor, but change the material - maybe to something hologramlike or so).

The reason I want it( maybe you’ll understand better what I mean or have another idea how to solve it):

I want the actor to be placed in my level. After that I want to choose an object/class in my editable variable. From there my actor should get a static mesh to use( with actors I could use “get components by tag” I guess). The purpose of the actor is then ingame to spawn the choosen object/class when interacted with( one of it’s kind). Maybe later also a check to see if atleast one actor of the choosen class is in the “spawnactor” - kind of a copy-mechanic/duplicator for only one thing…

I really hope you get what I mean and have an idea, because I can’t think of a good way and can’t find anything via google( maybe because I don’t really know what to search for)

To get/set details of a class you’d just cast to it or set a direct reference. Can you give a gameplay example of what you’re trying to achieve?

Well, I want an (holo-)actor I can place in my level and then choose another actor(for example an axe) in an editable variable from which my holo-actor can get it’s static mesh to use(but use a hologram-like material). Ingame it’s purpose is to show the player by having the same static mesh what object to place in it(here an axe). And when the right thing is placed(the axe) in the holo-actor it reacts to it by e.g. spawning another actor( I’ll use it for replicating weapons or ammo or just for puzzlesolving - therefor I want it to be any choosen actor instead of creating one for each item)