How to get started with Google Achievements?

I have a developer account and I assigned my APPID in the settings under Android.

However when I try to return an achievement by its ID using Get Cached Description the return node Found ID shows false.

Cache achievements succeeds, but it does so even when I enter my APPID incorrectly.

Not sure where to get started for Google Achievements.

First of all you trying to use Google Play Games service, in order to use it on UE4, you need to setup proper OnlineSubsystem which is UE4 interface to all social online game services, so you don’t need to change anything in code (or blueprint) to make it work on any platfrom. Here you got docs about it:

For Google Play the platfrom identifier will be “GooglePlay”, i’m not sure if you need any extra config, maybe setup in Project Settings which you did is enouth

Google Play requires some extra steps which including signing of your game, you can find instructions here:

Within the blueprint node Get Cached Achievement Description, the pin request an Achievement ID but in the tappy chicken example it appears they’re not using the ID generated by Google but the actual achievement name. Is this poor wording within the Engine or am I missing something?

Also, you can test within the editor I assume – without having to compile each time?

I’m incredibly lost as what to do here. No matter what I try I get a FALSE response for “Found ID” when using a Get Cached Achievement Description node, after calling Cache Achievements which returns successful.

Here’s the steps I took:

Added the following line to Project\Config\DefaultEngine.ini

Visited Setting Up Google Play Games Services  |  Google Developers
and followed steps 1-3. On 3.a I left multiplayer settings off and enabled Anti-Piracy.

For step 3.b a lot of the shown windows in the link did not show. I received an “Authorize your app now” button and when pressing it I was immediately asked for the SHA1 key.

I obtained my SHA1 by first generating my own key.
keytool -genkey -v -keystore masked_holder1 -alias masked_holder2 -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

Once I filled out all of the information: name, ou, o, and so on I then generated the SHA1.
keytool -exportcert -alias masked_holder2 -keystore masked_holder1 -list -v

I placed that SHA1 into the Google Developer Console.

For my UE4 project I’ve added my Games App ID within Settings > Android.
I’ve also added an achievement map, using the name as it appears on the developer console and it’s associated ID per achievement.

Also under Settings > Android > Distribution Signing
I set my key store to the one I generated after moving the file to ProjectFolder/Build/Android/
The key alias and password is also set to what I assigned.

I’m not sure what I might of missed. Also, whenever I use the Cache Achievements node I always get successful, even if the APPID is intentionally wrong.

For good measure I compiled the apk, and that worked fine. I think I listed all steps I took but I could be wrong – is there something I may of missed?

I don’t know, i yet to use OnlineSubsystem, maybe names are common way to id achivments and there other list that convert those names to proper IDs

I’m not even sure it’s pulling the right information, eg: using my account details properly. Thanks though.