How to get source code from git to unreal (trusky)


I am currently trying to use trusky. I got github respository then fork them.
But I couldn’t see the trusky plugin in the unreal engine.

I tried to do source control but got the error that ask me to upgrade to enterprise.
Does anyone know the solution?


Did you follow the documents here: (Unless you need the source build, you must register with TruSKY and then download & install their plugin from here ). I assume a UE4 restart would be required too.

THank you for the answer phil,
I already resister with Trusky and install what they ask me to on the page you mentioned.
The thing is that plugin is not shown in the editor.
Some article said that I should do source control but didn’t work.

I can’t follow this step in the documents you put.

Build the UE4 project in the “Development Editor” configuration.

Where do I find development editor?

The development editor configuration can be found at the top of Visual Studio. I’m not on a computer with VS or unreal setup so I can’t screen shot it, but it should look like this:

(look at the very top and you should see Development Editor. You want to be sure you also have Development Editor set along with the correct project name).

Additional setup instructions here should you need them: Setting Up Visual Studio for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you PHil for the answer. I think I miss some step which I don’t know what I miss.
I got the github account and intall the UE4 plugin through website. 4.19 is my version of engine.
But still can’t see plugin and tried to get Git path which doesn’t exist in my machine.
I attached github screenshot and source control screenshot.
Should I do something in Github desktop?