How to get rid of camera actor that spawns on play?

when i press play there is a camera actor which spawns in the scene , i tried to change the game mode , game state , player pawn and player controller yet it still spawns.

The actor in the red square is the camera actor that i want to get rid of and the actor in the blue square is the player pawn with camera and auto posses enabled.


Is your game using the wrong camera?

Unreal assumes every scene has a camera. If it doesn’t find one, it creates one with the name “CameraActor_0”.
To delete it, I added the following code to the BeginPlay() function of the level:

  // Delete the automatically create CameraActor (if exists)
  for (TActorIterator<ACameraActor> actorItr(GetWorld()); actorItr; ++actorItr)
    if (!(*actorItr)->GetName().Compare("CameraActor_0"))