how to get rid of blurring on the landscape, or what is it

I wanted to make a landscape but I noticed that the shape of the landscape changes from the distance of the camera, can this be removed or fixed.

looks like the LOD system. The landscape has all the controls for it in its details panel, and in the landscape mode, you can select each component and override its LOD to keep details at further ranges.

“You can change the LOD Distance Factor for individual Landscape components so they will simplify at closer or further distance thresholds. Things like mountain peaks or anything with a distinct silhouette will LOD the most noticeably as you move further away, so you can reduce the LOD bias for those components to preserve their shape. You can also raise the LOD bias for low-detail areas like flat plains that will not look noticeably different with less tessellation”

All in the docs :slight_smile:

The first image is normal, that’s just how it looks at a distance with no material applied.

The second is bad UV stretching. It’s better to try and sculpt the landscape gradually, rather than in big spikey blocks like this. You can try using the retopologize tool to smooth it out: