How to get reticle to follow ship direction

I have been trying to make a reticle for my x-wing but I can’t find a way to put it in UI so it doesn’t clip through walls and still follows the ship like the spheres I have used in the image below.

Do you have any ideas on how I could make a reticle for the UI that does the sphere’s job better?

You need to use UI widget and just draw a circle in the center of the screen

I would do that but it doesn’t work for my case because I have a delay in the camera.
So the reticle moves with the ship instead of staying in the center of the screen all the time which does work for first person or no delay in the camera. But I want a UI element instead of what I have now because when I get close to the ground I can no longer see the reticle.

I’m not entirely sure if binding it to your UI will work the way you want it to. You can create an set of crosshairs and attach it to your X-Wing as an component connected with an arm, but I’m not sure how you can stop it from cliping through stuff.

You might need to have two crosshairs, one for the camera and another one for Xwing

I’ve decided I’m not going to change it because if they stay static they can give depth perception to the player.