How to get realistic drone movement?

Drone Look At Player and Strafe

Hi I’m trying to create a drone type enemy and want to implement realistic movement for it. I’ve gotten it to move around and track the player but I would like it to tilt as it moves to make it more realistic, any help would be appreciated. The link goes to the pastebin for the blueprint I have setup so far.

Using vinterp nodes would be a pretty good drone movement, in my opinion.

You take the current location, calculate where you’re going, and use vinterp on tick to get there.

ah okay ill try that. been using rinterp but wasn’t working

Rinterp is for rotations.

yea i was trying to use that for mesh rotation while its moving. should i use the vinterp for its movement as well?

nvm i see what you’re saying thank you so much!

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Yeah, just right eh? Just put a sort of prop buzz noise in there, and you’re done :slight_smile: