How to: Get random rotation on all meshes in Hierarchical Instanced static meshes?

Hey Everyone!

So before I begin, I’m very much a newbie in terms of using UE4, so forgive me if this question seems ridiculous!

However, I’ve recently been working on a project and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I’ve created a Blueprint which utilises hierarchical instancing for a static mesh.

I was wondering how I could rotate the X (Roll) and Z (Yaw) randomly for each created instance?

Here’s my current BP for those wondering - it’s all being done in the construction script.

Thanks everyone for the help, I really appreciate it!!

check.this example project

So you can do it by changing the mesh transform of each instance. I managed to do it like this. Not sure how performant it will be running this off tick for a large asteroid field but it works. One little bug I noticed is that you MUST change the world location by at least 1 unit in any direction for the rotation to work. Otherwise nothing updates, not sure why that is but that is what that extra vector addition is for in my screen shot.

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