How To Get Radial Force To Affect Projectile

I have snakes in my games, which use the homing on the projectile movement, to follow players. I want this snake to be pushed by radial forces like grenades, but it just doesn’t get affected. How can I fix this?

To be affected by radial force the snakes have to simulate physics. To enable it will surely screw projectile movement.
The turn around I found is to SetSimulatePhysics Onhit.

Aka : Apply some damage just to trigger OnHit -> SetSimulatePhysics(no more projectile movement) -> apply RadialForce.

Doesn’t physics have to be enabled for projectile movement? Or does Unreal handle that separately?

Well I’m no guru, but from experimentation, enabling physics on a Projectile will screw it’s movement. I guess ProjectileComponent is pre calculating a path, which is incompatible with physics simulation.

Yeah, I tried that, but then realized some things didn’t the way I wanted, but in my game, we have “crazy weapons” like a snake launcher, bouncy ball gun, and more to come, and those are supposed to be power weapons in the game, so having the snakes not affected but the force gives players a reason to actually use it, the snakes are pretty easy to kill anyways, so grenades one shot them either way, but I appreciate the reply!

Yikes, I guess that’s a leftover from wanting perfectly predictable projecticle weapons for unreal tournament.

Can’t be hard to just use the physics system on whatever bespoke projectile we want to create (without using ProjMovCom), can it?

I guess not. It’s only a question of spawning the actor at the right transform and applying the right impulse…
I opted for the above solution because I don’t need the grenade to simulates physicx while flying, as soon as it hits something it simulates physics and the behavior is totally convincing for my standard :slight_smile:
I guess it’s also a lot more easy to tweak than a 0.5 or less Kg object simulating physics.

Yeah, I thought of doing simulate physics on hit, but what it does, is it starts homing a player, using the homing in the projectile movement, hence why i can’t simulate physics. I then tried to do simulate physics when it took damage from that specific actor, but then realized that they have less mass, so they just freaked out. Also the problem with not using projectile movement it that I don’t get the homing (but that wouldn’t be that hard to make) and Replicating physics is really weird, but then again, replicating stuff in my game is weird, it doesn’t seem like it works the way it should, I wonder if I put something in one of the ini files, and caused it to lag, Cause I’ve made other projects, and they don’t lag at all, unless it’s the steam advanced sessions that’s causing it to lag. Also couldn’t you just use bounce in the projectile movement for you grenades? that’s what I have.