How to get Quixel Mixer Asset into UE5

Hello It seems its not possible right now to import your own Models through Quixel Mixer as they dont show up in Bridge for UE5. Does anyone know of a workaround to get your models and more importantly correct textures into UE5? Thanks so very much for any help!

Curious about this.
I have always only done it manually.

Also because the texture export from mixer is the best place to create a packed texture for metal/roughness/specularity/emissive/transparency.

And also because the import material for bridge have been pathetically bad for a whole year.

Hello. Any help on how to do this manually for the time being until mixer is properly supported by Ue5?

Hi, I find it strange that nobody is following up on the Bridge> UE5 export non-compatibility. Has the team given up on this feature ?

They provided a work around here:
Can I export my mixes directly to UE5?

Basically, you create a folder in your UE5 project, then in Mixer set the export directory to the folder you just created, then hit import in the Editor.