How to get Ps4 controller to work with UE4?

How can i get Ps4 controller to work with UE4 or atleast xbox 360 controller?

I think the Xbox 360 controller should already work, if the PS4 controller doesn’t work already then you’d have to add support yourself.

Does the xbox 360 controller work like plug and play?

if the xbox 360 controller works then ps4 can too with this program i think:

I use it to play pc games with ps4 controller

DS4 works. I have not used it in a while but I’m using a PS3 Controller Paired to a Belken Reciever using Motion In Joy. Works well

xbox controler is plug and play i hate wires

Use this:

Sorry to Drag up an old post but I was wondering if this is still the only way to use a PS4 Controller with UE4 or is there a easier/better to get it to work?

Many Thanks

i don’t think there’s any official software to make it work with windows or os

Because theres no need, PS4 controller is USB HID compatible device, there for it works on Windows without drivers (rether standard drivers) and you can find games that will work with it, problem is Windows have 2 diffrent contoller systems and UE4 only one of them which is XInput, which wont work on standard HID drivers and need special once. Considering XInput is MS standard which was made to support xbox controllers in Windows, Sony might have some psychical barriers of being console compatition to relese such drivers

PS4 controller should work on Linux without issue on UE4 (if UE4 use kernel support of gamepad which i dont know), drivers in kernel even support its touchpad and RGB LED which Windows probably wont get support for even with Xinput

ah sweet thanks for the info!