How to get proper lighting on spawned static meshes on mobile?

Hello there!

I’m trying to create endless prototype and I’ve a problem:

  • I’ve a BP with static mesh component,
  • I’m spawning this BP during gameplay,
  • Static mesh is black on mobile preview and device,

I use UE3 for couple of years and I tried to find DLE or disable static lighting but can’t find it.

Can someone help me how to get proper lighting on spawned static meshes on mobile?

That’s weird. When I put lightmass importance volume into my level - everything work.

But I’m spawning a long road and I don’t want to create endless lightmass importance volume…is there anything that I can do to have dynamic lighting on static meshes on Mobile without lightmass importance volume?

I’m having the exact same problem with my spawned BP, I’ve noticed that adding a really low emissive color to my static mesh will make it appear :).
I no longer have black textures
I know it’s not the solution but still better than black textures

You could add a directional light. It worked for me. I’m not making a mobile game, but I assume it would still work.

Well, actually now I noticed that the spawned meshes are a little darker than other meshes. It fixes the black mesh problem though.

Well, it worked with precompiled(light ) static meshes, i.e meshes that are not going to interact or spawned during the game.
On the other hand, spawning a static mesh during mobile game will lead to a total dark mesh.