How To Get Player Controller Of Hit Actor?

So I’m Creating A Multiplayer Game Where I Have Used Only 1 Character Blueprint To Spawn Multiple Players. Each Player Has A Random “Points” Set To Them At The Start Of The Game.

I Created A Punch Function In My Character Blueprint, Where I Want To See If The Punching Player Have More Points Then The Punched Player, I Want To Deduct -500 From Punched Player And Add It To The Punching Player.

I Am Able To Add Points To The Punching Player, But Can’t Do Anything To The Punched Player. Is It Because I’m Unable To Get The Player Controller? Little Confused Here. Any Help Would Be Appreciated!

Here’s Some Code I Did.

In multiplayer one client1 can’t access client2’s controller. The controllers to not exist at the same time on both clients side. Only the current player has access to his own controller.

You would have to do the changes to the points on the server and replicate them back to the clients.

So should i make the changes in game mode? Is there any other way to do it?

Find “UE4 Network Compendium by Cedric EXi Neukirchen” pdf (search for it either on the forum or web).

It’s an extensive guide to unreals multiplayer.

Thank you so much! I’ll look into it!