How to get player Camera to track separate actor?

Hi guys, I am creating a vehicle based game, similar to rocket league. I am currently stuck with trying to create the “Ball Cam” effect which involves a camera that tracks the ball from the players perspective. Ideally I wish to have it stay in behind the car whilst rotating to follow the ball at all times.

right click on your player pawn and write: get player controller, drag off that, set view target with blend, you will need the reference of the ball to plug into that…

Thanks for the reply!

unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work, the image below is the default camera:

This next image is what happens when the key is activated to swap to the ball camera:

here are the images of the blueprints:

This last image is attached to an event tick node, would this be the correct node for it to be attached to?

thanks for the help!

Use set active instead of activate and deactivate…
And no dont use event tick… after you set the bool on pressed C you can call that function… no need for tick