How to get outer angles of polygon?

I feel that this shouldn’t be that hard, but my math side of brain just farted and turned into scrambled eggs.
Here is what I’m trying to calculate:

The points are connected, just like in the picture. I’d be grateful for some hints…
The only thing that I was able to come up with is to compare vector angles between: LookAt vector (thisPoint, previousPoint) and LookAt vector (thisPoint, nextPoint).

Here is how to get angle between 2 vectors: How to get an angle between 2 Vectors? - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums
… But I still can’t get the right outer angles for my points. I don’t know…

Outside angles of any polygon (N-sides) = Number of vertices x 360 - sum of Internal angles of a polygon
= 360N - 180(N-2)
= 180N + 360.

I.e. For a Heptagon, Outside angles would equal 900 degrees.