how to get online multiplayer working

anyone know how to get online multiplayer working or a good tutorial ???

There is lot of steam multiplayer tutorial on youtube.
If you looking for android or ios multiplayer tutorial, not a single one.

This is a good one tutorial, but there are other good video tutorials, with Steam working, etc. If you want to host the game on a player computer it’s really easy, if you want to make a dedicated server, than it’s harder, I tried but hadn’t success, so I will show you only the tutorial that worked for me. It’s a series, I will post the video number 8, but the man who made the tutorial did 9 videos about multiplayer, all really great:

Remember: read the comments of the video, because it helps sometimes.

This one is perfect
Anyone got a good tut for multiplayer tank ?

Game Lift seems like a good choice there, but isn’t Epic games EOS SDK supposed to fill some of theses gaps?

I tried to find some specific material on how to integrate their sdk in a existing project and found nothing around that, anyone can help here?