How to get normals from BeginOverlap event

I am trying to write a blueprint actor that “snaps” projectiles velocities in a given direction when they pass through it. What I would like is to write an BeginOverlap event that checks the normal of the face the projectile passed through, then change the projectile’s rotation so that its forward vector is -1 times that normal.

The issue is that I see no way to acquire the hit normal from an BeginOverlap event. You can get the hit normal from an onHit event, but then the projectile will bounce off or explode, which is not what I want.

Does anyone know how to get the hit normal from an BeginOverlap event? If not, is there some other way of building such an actor?

Another approach could be to use OnHit with an ‘Actor Has Tag’ node with a branch so you can distinguish between which actors it blows up on and which actors deflect ( or refract ) it.

That seems like a good workaround. Thanks.