How to get non-asset file in mobileplatform such as android?

I have made an plugin to implement Lua to UE4,I put luasource code in the /content folder,When package i add the luasource directory to additional non-asset setting.In the c++ code,I use FPaths::GameDir()+"/content" to find the lua source code file.It works well in windows platform while not success in Android.This is my project, GitHub - asqbtcupid/unreal.lua: lua solution for UnrealEngine4 ,So my question is How to find a non-asset file in content folder in mobile platform, such as Android and IOS.thank you

In iOS you can easily get the project content path by the code below

NSString* path = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@%@", [[NSBundle mainBundle]resourcePath], @"/cookeddata/your game name/content"];

The only thing you should notice is that the characters in the ios path have to be lowercase.
But I still have the problem in Android apk. Is anyone can provide a solution to solve this problem?