How to get new line breaks in Blueprint?

Hi there…I implemented tooltip display in my RTS Game but i need line breaks in my string. Using <br> or /n does nothing. Any idea how can i get line break in strings using Blueprint?

Here is an example BP Graph:


I suppose it’s just a slip, but you should use **
** instead of /n :slight_smile: In any case, this link says that <br> works fine with the text renderer. What exactly are you using under the hood?

Tried both and it doesn’t work. <br> only works with Text Renderer’s Set Text. :frowning:

Set Tooltip function sets all the required text and pass it on to HUD Class which draws the tooltip using Draw Text method.

Hi ryanjon2040
have u found a solution for your problem?

Nope. :frowning:

10 char limit

i am sure this will not help but i prefer say stupid idea that not say something maybe usefull. I am really not sure that will help you but i thought doing an invisible grid with x lines of y appends with like a hitbox on all of it which makes text appears by drawing x lines. (like hitboxes over on inventory ) centered on the character or element you want. Or a loop with some coordinates changing…

Yes, at the moment i use this from my inventory. But maybe is possible a easier solution. :frowning:

I thought I saw they were adding line break functionality in 4.4? Or was that supposed to happen in 4.3?

Is it true?? That means we can append /n or <br> for new line breaks?

In 4.3. don’t work. Is the 4.4 available on github?

4.4 Preview is available and i downloaded it. I tried it and still doesnt work. :frowning:


I’m waiting for that functionality too, i built my own funtion to draw strings with the split character
while unreal implements a built-in function.

I attach the blueprint file as a sample, just in case you want to build your own while we wait for the built-in one:

Hi jordirosa, I have downloaded your blueprint function library. How do go about calling that blueprint? Sorry I am not too familiar with how blueprints work.

in case anyone is still interested in this, go here

I’m necro-ing like a billion years later but for anyone else who stumbles upon this thread I’ve got the answer.

You’re gonna be kicking yourself.

Shift + Enter


Just need to do this in exact area ))



4 years and 2 months later… and still solving this problem! Thanks 6r0m for posting solution!

Guys the NewLine Character is Shift+Enter

Beware, the engine converts internally the shift+enter into unicode control codes, so while you can visually add it, if you need to make an operation like adding styles procedurally for the rich text block, it wont treat it as a shift+enter, but as unicode control codes, a line feed U+000A (int 10) and carriage return U+000D (int 13), so, its not the same thing

that one saved my life so many times in so many different programs