How to get my published project files back?

Hi! A few months ago I was editing and working on creating islands using the UEFN engine, however, for reasons beyond my control, I had to change my computer with no way of backing up the files.

This has meant that, not having the files on the new computer, the “FortniteProjects” folder in the “documents” folder on my PC has been deleted.

On opening Unreal Editor, I genuinely thought that as the maps were already published, I would be able to sync them. However, when I sync each map, they all appear EMPTY, as if it were a blank island template.

On the other hand, I have other projects that I didn’t get to publish but they are there, and I would like to know if I can recover them without having the .uefnproject file.

In any case, the main problem and my main concern is to be able to edit the maps that I had already published, and now I can’t edit them because they are empty.

Thank you very much for your attention! I’m waiting for your answer.

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I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re experiencing. Given your situation, here are a few steps you might consider:

  1. Check for Cloud Backups: If you used any cloud storage or backup service, check if your “FortniteProjects” folder or specific project files were saved there.
  2. Contact Epic Games Support: Reach out to Epic Games Support with details of your published maps. They may be able to assist in recovering your project files from their servers or provide guidance on how to restore your projects.
  3. Local Backups: If you ever saved your projects on an external drive or another computer, retrieving them from there could be an option.
  4. Unreal Engine Forums: Post your issue on Unreal Engine or Fortnite Creative forums. Other developers might have faced similar issues and could offer solutions.

I hope this helps you recover your projects. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team.

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Hello dear brickelstone!

Unfortunately, I didn’t make any backup, neither cloud or local one.

I already contacted Epic Games support but they say that they don’t give any kind of support to Unreal Engine, or the island creators thing. I’m completely sad and desperate because those were maps that were working slightly good, and I would need to update them.

After contacting them, they told me to ask on the forum, that’s why i’m here asking for help. Am I at the wrong forum? Should I re-open it somewhere else? If so, may you give me the direct link to it?

Thank you so much! Any help is appreciated a lot! :pensive::pensive::pensive: