[How to get my model into UE4] Help me please :D

Hi, im Rayge. i just recently started to learn the unreal engine. i just made a simple mace in blender, i dont know how to render, or turn it into a object i can turn into a weapon ingame. I am lost, i have a model now. but how do i make it into something? for now, i just want to be able to put it into the unreal engine, it isnt needed right now. so i think it would be considered an asset. not sure. But if someone could tell me how to render, and then put the item into the engine, it would be greatly appreciated! Btw, the mace is all put together, i did the shift click thing to make it into 1 object. but i am now lost.

Also! I would like to create a texture for this item, nothing fancy. but i would like to, how do i do that?

Your first step would be to learn the Art Pipeline … this will help you get your item from your 3D tool in to the engine.

It is unfortunately aimed at Max and Maya … but the principles are the same. You should also search the forums for “Blender” … there are some tutorials floating around here that can lead you in to the right direction.

FBX Content Pipeline

FBX Static Mesh Pipeline
FBX Animation Pipeline

You would also need to follow some Epic tutorials (or Community tutorials) that will help you understand the engine a little more and give you some guidance on how and what to do.

Samples & Tutorials
Unreal Engine 4 Community Tutorials

A lot of the documentation is still being updated to the newer version of UE4 … but you should be able to come right.

Thanks!! :smiley:

Hahahaha!!! its so small, at first i thought it didnt work, but i made it 100 times bigger and it then showed up :smiley: now i will have to make it larger, but i did it :smiley:

Good job. Yeah there is a set unit that you should use when exporting your models … off hand I think it is 1 unit = 1 cm in Max/Maya. You can also scale the model during import.

Ok, I will now make a texture for it :slight_smile: