How To Get My Dodge To Work In Multiplayer

Hey all, can’t figure out where to move my code to get this to work in multiplayer.

it works in standalone mode, but it doesn’t work for multiplayer client, Can anyone figure out how to set this set actor rotation up?

NOTE: I was doing it this way instead of blendspace because I want the camera to rotate freely around the player without moving the player, similar to dark souls

Are you blending that montage inside of the animation blueprint with the Boolean? I just recently replicated my FPS character and have his animation replicating fine. An issue I found was I had to do a custom event multicast of the Boolean alone and then call that multicast on a server replication which I then put in the normal sequence, to deactivate I did the same just setting the Boolean false.

Thank you for your reply, I think that is above my knowledge unfortunately