How to get multiple enemy spawns

Hey guys!

I wanna know how to have multiple enemy spawns so i can improve my game!

Thanks in advance

Write a loop that spawns an actor. Use the node SpawnActorFromClass.

Hope this helps.

I have a enemy spawner already but i mea on different spots so it doesn spawns random all over the map

I get what you mean but there aren’t any teams. Just AI enemies. And markers? Do i have to change my whole enemy spawn script then?

And what i mean is that there are spawning enemies in the lef corner and others in the right corner

Put two markers that act as your spawn points. Then simply spawn one team on one side and the other team at the other marker. You can do this in the level blueprint.

Most likely not. What you need to do, however, is to place several markers. They can be anything. Decals, actors, bilboards, actors. Anything. You just need them to get their positions. Add them all to an array.

Then, when you want to spawn a character you randomly selects a spawnpoint or you select the next spawnpoint. Read that spawnpoint location(this is why you need these markers) and use the node SpawnActorOfClass to spawn them. For several, simply loop and spawn on each iteration.

Got a Bp Screenshot or a blueprintue,com for me? Still new to all this one day i will understand!

Cus i can see the Spawn actor from class and all that i placed 2 actors aswell but how do i use them with this involved already?

Cus i dont get it ;/

Dimitri, fellow dutchman here.

why not first follow a lot of ue4 tutorials online?
There are tutorials for all kinds of games, survival games, pong, galaga, simple platformers, and more.
You are asking a LOT of questions answered at least a dozen of times on the answerhub, forums, facebook groups, etc… so instead of asking the same questions again, why not use google and look them up.

my advice:

  1. Go to youtube & google.
  2. find a lot of tutorials.
  3. Follow them, as much as possible. even if its not instantly related to the game you want to make, it will teach you the basics and core mechanics of ue4.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

and while following these tutorials and you want to know what a node, element, object does, just google “UE4 topic item of topic” (example: UE4 cascade color over life)

When there are no proper results there, then fall back onto answer-hub and ask questions there.

Cant find anything about multipkle enemy spawns bro