How to get Mesh/Actor the character is walking on

Hey everyone,

could someone give me a hint, I’m kinda stuck on this problem: I want to check on each tick, on which actor/mesh my player character is walking. The only solution I came across would be to create overlap-boxes right above the floor tiles. This is somewhat inconvenient though, since I also want to distinguish between characters on the floor and those not on the floor, so overlap boxes with a Z-Axis make stuff a bit redundant to handle.

Any way around this?

The Character Movement has a Floor Variable, which consists of some Info + HitResult.
The HitResult contains the current Actor you are on to


Exposed to BP? Part of inherited variables? Personally never come across it…
There is a Get-Movement-Base node though, that will return the ‘Floor’ mesh…

Good to know… Cheers @Raildex_