How to get mentioned in credits


i was wondering what it takes to be mentioned as a community developer (in UE Credits)?
While comparing the 4.6 release news with editor credits i felt like there are about 50% of the people missing.

My contribution was rather small… maybe to small. If it so, it would be ok, just wanted to know.
And yes, seeing ones name in there would feel awesome :slight_smile:

Hello ,

We are looking into the list, but it’s quite extensive. Could you tell me some names of people that have made successful github pull requests that are not in the list? Any more information may help us find out what happened.

As i said, i compared against 4.6 credits. Well… now i compared with 4.7 preview just in case things changed - and of course the credits where updated.

So… just forget this question :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks for letting us know. If it does seem out-of-date in the future, just remind up and I’ll make sure it gets an update.