How to get memory usage?

I want to make sure my resources exceed the limited memory usage.
and I walk around the world and check out real time memory usage.
I think stat memory command is useful, but I don’t know how to check total used memory.
Can anyone tell me a tip that checks the memory usage?

I would suggest to use the console command “stat MemoryPlatform” and for a more detailed report “memreport -full” (see this link)

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
and I use the console command “stat MemoryPlatform” mobile preview PIE on PC platform.
The result used memory info is different to mobile phone environment.
Can I check memory like the mobile environment on PC platform?

I suppose that “stat MemoryPlatform” performs some OS calls to gather that information, so probably you won’t be able to have those results (mobile stats) on PC. But I can’t be sure. Maybe somebody knows that for sure.