How to get Maya's parent constraint on joint into Unreal?

Hello all! First time posting, please inform me if I’m doing anything wrong.

I’m working on a 2D side scroller with vertical play area (honestly no idea what that’s called, example of the top of my head includes TMNT 2 The Arcade Game NES)

I’m working on a character where the head, arm, and gun follows where the cursor is. The head I can manage, there is only 1 pivot point so playing with that value should easily allow me to track the head to the cursor.

The arms are what’s troubling me. Since I’m having both arms have different pivot points. I can’t plug in the same rotation values for both pivot points, if I do that, the end point will be slightly misaligned. The images below shows what I mean. Left being starting position. Middle being if I rotate the two arms equally. Right being the solution I’m hoping to achieve. In the right, I parent constrained the left arm IK to the right shoulder joint. However, Unreal does not understand constraint values from Maya, so what can I do to achieve this effect in Unreal? Is there a parent constraint equivalent in Unreal?