How to get Maya IK to UE4?

I’m currently using Maya and Adobe Mixamo to create and rig characters. After rigging with the Mixamo hierarchy online, I reimport and create controls and IK using the “Mixamo Auto-Control-Rig” plugin for Maya.

This leaves me with a skeleton that has controls, IK’s, and several constraints. My problem is that none of these IK’s and constraints work properly after exporting an FBX from Maya to UE4 (while they work perfectly in Maya). And normal (non IK) bones work perfectly in UE4.

I have looked at all sorts of generalized resources for best practices and potential solutions. I think this issue requires a more specific solution.

Do your animation work with the controls in Maya, not in Unreal Engine, then export those animations into Unreal when they’re made.

When you export to FBX make sure that bake animations is checked and the animation range set