How to get live link signal in nDisplay

Hello guys,I have some problem about nDisplay with live link. How should I get live link signal in nDisplay. I put my live link character in unreal, but the character did not move on nDisplay mode. And live link inside editor and the play mode is working. Also I can edit and get the result in nDisplay in the same time. But my live link character doesn’t move. Appreciate your time for reading my question.

Finally I figure it out. LiveLink should save a preset for NDisplay.

And then you need to change the project setting about LiveLink.

Just load the preset you just saved.Done !

There is no tut or forum talk about this issue.

Hope the article can help anyone who has the same problem.

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Did you get LiveLink working with nDisplay? … with Vive / Steam VR?..

Can you please expand on createing Livelink preset for nDisplay?

In the LiveLink window, goto the Presets dropdown and save a preset…

Then in ProjectSettings>Plugins>LiveLink set the Default Live link Preset to the file you just created

Thank you so much! I didn’t know this could be done with livelink.

Hello! I’m setting up like your method but without luck.

It’s working in Editor, but popup lot of error while I lunch with nDisplay.


I’m trying to get this work in 2-screen setup.
Can you share your nDisplay config file? I’m thinking I might set config incorrectly. Thank you so much!

I was trying to do something similar and found out that after I set the livelink preset file in the engine settings and I restarted the project, the Default Live Link Preset entry would appear empty. It started to save the setting after I changed the name of the preset file from NewLiveLinkPreset to anything else. I still cannot get the LiveLink to work with nDisplay though, I’m trying to stream the iPhone Face LiveLink to all instances.

Hey, has anyone got Optitrack Live Link working via nDisplay? I see the tracking of my rigidbody via the editor, but no tracking data is passed when launching nDisplay. I included the “-messaging” argument in Launcher. Stil no luck.

Do i have to configure something in my Config text file perhaps???

SteamVR and nDisplay don’t work together. nDisplay just crashes if SteamVR is enabled. I got around this problem by writing a python script to stream the tracker transforms on UDP and receiving them on a livelink plugin on the UE4. This works well.
Another alternative is to use the method Unreal suggests, that is to use VRPN,

Hi @sujayhg i tried all the possible solution available but I think I’m missing something. I’m using custom python script to get the data and i got the data though live link in editor but it doesn’t seem to work on ndisplay . any idea why??

yes i did both apply to client through blueprint and even in project settings changed the default setting to my preset

Are you loading the livelink plugin in the game mode?

I see now, not sure how I missed it or why it never came up in any of my searching, but there is a “LiveLink for nDisplay Plugin” available! I can’t find any documentation about it however, though I do see a simple setting now in the Project Properties. Does anyone know details about this? Do I need to change anything in my nDisplay config file perhaps? Or perhaps not.

gonna hit this up again!
Any resolution of this issue?
I tried to check out VRPN as a solution but it seems you need to compile a bunch of stuff and not sure to go about that really…

We are having the same issue with our wall and nDisplay currently using vive trackers and live link. We can make changes in the editor and even move around the cine camera actor and it updates to the LED wall but the camera tracking data from the real world does not move or update. We can see it move in the editor but it does not translate out. We tried doing the save preset route but it does not keep it saved in the settings.

Sorry, have you solved this yet? Was encountering the same problem.
Some tests reveal that MultiUser is not syncing tracker data in real time, the frustrum on ndisplay will update to the last position if I save the map in editor. I suspect it has something to do with MU’s transient sync setting, but couldn’t work it out.

Recently we got it fixed but we were not certain on what fixed it. I have narrowed it down to being an IP issue with the system changing the final digit of which port it was communicating through. So now we have had to go back and double check which IP address everything is trying to communicate through in the nDisplay and with the Vive Mars system. Sometimes it has drifted or reset to different values. We are trying to confirm this theory and test it out to do a video or a better tutorial/walk through with hard answers for everyone. With the new 5.1 coming out soon I suspect it will change how nDisplay talks through UDP messaging and so it might become a mute point.

We solved it after some time. For us it’s a problem of default LiveLink preset lost between ndisplay and editor, which is weird because I’m running both on the same project file.
Thank you still for replying to this old thread, the info is still very useful as we might run into that another day

you are a living god. thank you so much. you saved our miserable lives.

to clear up the solution:

you need to create out of your live link config a preset.
Window>Virtual Production > LiveLink > (Dropdown)Presets> save Preset (somewhere)

Inside Project settings define the live link default preset.
edit>project settings> live link > dafault live link preset > (set the the previously created preset)

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