How to get "Left Mouse Button" Action Mappings on UMG

Hi, I’m trying to spawn effect on mouse cursor in screen using Action Mappings.
I’ve set Left Mouse Button as a one, but It doesn’t work on any umg component set visible.

Is there any way to get mouse click on umg using Input Component?
I’ve tried to OnClicked event but our designer don’t want this.

UMG has its own methods for detecting and processing input, it’s independent from the Player Controller / Player Input. Actors are happy to work with the Input Component, but widgets must override input like so:

Passing Handled will consume the input, Unhandled will allow other widgets to detect it. If no widgets handled the input, it’s passed on to the Player Controller.

This also allows you to get the mouse screen position, or a relative position in that particular widget.

Did not realise this was in C++ section, went by the tags. :expressionless: This is obviously for blueprints.