How to get landscape spline mesh roads working in ue5.2?

Hi all, I have an open world game in which I’m using landscape spline meshes for the roads.
Yesterday I started replacing the placeholder intersections with my own meshes, I made them exactly like the placeholder meshes (which have been working fine all this time) with sockets at each road end with X pointing outward

I am having the issue of roads not snapping into the expected socket, they seem to snap into random ones now, not only this issue is present with my new meshes, but also with the old placeholder ones, which were working fine until now

Is there a new way to get intersections working?
Is there a better way to create roads in a large world?

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In case anyone else is having a similar problem, I found a semi solution.
When you click on the incoming/outgoing road, you can go into connections and type in the socket name you wish to connect to.

Unfortunately when you reposition the intersection even slightly it just regenerates the socket selection

Just to help anyone who may come across this. First, add sockets to your meshes manually. When doing so be sure the X (red) axis is pointing toward where a mesh would connect. For example, a straight section of road would would have two sockets at each end both with their X-axis pointing away from the mesh.

This video shows how it is done.