how to get into programing for ue4

I don’t have much experience in c++ so I’m wondering how to get into c++ for ue4

If you already know C#, C++ is the same; just have to know about pointers, values, copies and references…
Then some more learning about ‘const’ values and ‘static’.

And after that, tons of patience while making your new home.

Lot’s of free stuff out there to learn basics of C++.
I am fortunate my company provides a subscription so I have been using that to take the C++ path which has been very good.

See the links in this forum. Tom Looman’s work is really good to jump in.

Get the engine source from Github.

IMHO,get to know MS Visual Studio.

Enjoy the journey.

I don’t know c#

Unreal’s particular brand of C++ is a bit different and generally easier to use. Maybe learn some of the C++ basics but from there I’d go directly into Unreal C++ rather than spend too much time just learning c++. Anyways it’s a lot more fun to learn when you have a fun project involved :slight_smile: