How to get into and out of vehicle?

I’ve tried the racing tutorials and they were nicely done. One main problem is there’s no option to get into vehicles or out of vehicles that I am seeing. You seem to spawn in them only.

In my game I want vehicles to be used while playing, but players can also get out and walk around as well to go inside locations or just to walk around.

Anyone know of a good tutorial or a good route to go about this?

Press ‘F’ to enter vehicle then ‘F’ again when you want to leave.

Thank you for reading.

Bump. Would also like answers…

Hi wicvk,

A good place to start with vehicles is on our documentation pages: How to Set up Vehicles in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

To get into and out of vehicles, while I’m not certain of the exact systems, will require heavy blueprints. I would think that a vehicle pawn and a character pawn blueprint for the individual movements and utilizing the bone structure of the car to allow the player pawn to attach to the driver seat would be viable. After that it is primarily animating the player character to get into the vehicle and switching control from the player pawn to the vehicle pawn.

I know this is a little old, but i wanted to add to this. There is also a tutorial specific to entering and exiting vehicles here:

I followed the blueprint and it works great for single player. When the player leaves the car on the server, the pitch and roll get reset. However, when the player leaves the car on the client, the pitch and roll are not getting reset. This doesnt really make sense to me because the character is properly being spawned at the Spawn Location arrow on both the server and client.

Have you made sure to run a switch has authority check and ensure that the players movement is replicated properly?

Why don’t you try this?
It’s really short

I am wanting to do something similar. “Attaching a actor(player) to actor(tree) - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

anyone know how to make the car go by itself, bone like a person CPU / COM / or BOOT