how to get interface event function into another blueprint?

Hello, I am watching a video of a guy going through the HUD set up here: http://www./watch?v=7gwgU0UPENA

I have set up a Event Interface Blueprint called “MyHudInterfaceEventsBPI” with three functions like so:

I have another Blueprint called “MyHUD”.
In the video he shows the HUD Blueprint event graph which has an “Event Toggle Menu” node which im guessing is called from the HUD Interface Events Blueprint.

When I try and add it to my HUD Blueprint I can only find this:

Am I missing something? I read somewhere that i might have something to do with key binding?

I’m sure its simple I’m just really knew to this Blueprint business.


Hello, you have to add your interface to your blueprint by clicking “blueprint props” on top of bp and select in the left down corner the interface and add it to your bp. then check if the event is a custom event or a basic one.

ahh yes that worked i also need to tick Generate const class for it to appear in the add interface section.